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Welcome to the webpage of the Home Defense 3000 system. This system is an automated software that connects webcam motion detection features with USB missile launcher defensive capabilities.

The program has been released in a beta version available for download here:. I am not a professionel programmer so there will most likely be problems with running on anything else than a very standard windows computer. Start the program by double clicking on the homedefender3000.cmd file. Try changing your screen resolution to 1280 x 800 if the pointer does not hit the movement button. You can tweak individual parameters by editing the configuration.txt file. You are welcome to email me if you have any problems.

The video on the right shows the system in action against an attacking Ninja. After giving a first warning, the system waits for a short grace period (5 seconds in the video), before opening fire on ANY movements detected. The grace period can be modified in the configuration.txt file and later editions of the system is far less forgiving than shown here.

Here is an example of the Home Defense 3000 system in action against a more peaceful intruder. The motion detection algorithm correctly detects that the intruder is in the freeze position, and steps down from attack stance. Should the intruder move again, the attack stance will be resumed, and the intruder thus has no option put to stay absolutely still untill he or she can be apprehended:

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